About Us

Who are we?
Our founder, Dr. Alexander Shikhman is a practicing rheumatologist at Institute for Specialized Medicine (IFSMED) in San Diego. Board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology with a Ph.D. in Immunology Dr. Shikhman founded IFSMED as a clinic of integrative rheumatology. The foundation of IFSMED combines the best from traditional and alternative therapy offering a scientific and holistic common-sense approach to highly individualized patient care.

When was the company founded?
In 2011. That’s over ten years of continually adding unique blends to meet different challenges.

How did we get started?
The founding of Gluten-Free Remedies was initially driven by Dr. Shikhman’s patients who sought alternative strategies to amplify their health care. As Dr. Shikhman firmly believes in combining the best of both western and complementary measures to reach desired results; Gluten-Free Remedies was the solution to help patients achieve their health goals.

How are we different?
With an active medical practice, we regularly receive feedback from patients; giving us the ability to know what’s working well and what could be improved. Many of our products have unique combinations not found elsewhere based on research and clinical practice dealing with autoimmune disorders and chronic infection.

What do we hope to achieve?
Being familiar with difficult, often challenging medical needs, we realize many people are tired of solely relying on traditional means to get better. If a natural option exists, and is fitting for someone’s particular needs, we can be their trusted choice. We also are aware of the different dietary sensitivities people may have; therefore, we strive to source the highest quality ingredients without any unwanted fillers. We use gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free ingredients unless noted.

Statement from Dr. Shikhman:

As a practicing physician and a researcher, I realized early in my career that the successful treatment of chronic illnesses cannot completely rely on drugs—that an integrative approach including dietary modifications, dietary supplements, and herbs can offer extraordinary results.