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Butea monosperma

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Butea monosperma is a traditional Indian medicinal tree.

Flavonoids in this plant (Cajanin and Cladrin in particular) and one other molecule (Medicarpin) are structurally similar to isoflavones and appear to be very potent at promoting bone health.

Studies using these molecules in vitro have noted their effective doses compare with that of estrogen and just as potent at promoting bone growth; despite the potency, medicarpin is only slightly estrogenic and both Cajanin and Cladrin appear to be nonestrogenic.

Cajanin, Cladrin, Medicarpin, and one other flavonoid known as Isoformononetin have been noted to help prevent bone loss associated with menopause with daily ingestion.

1 cap twice a day.

Vegetable cellulose (capsule)

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