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HMO Plus Pasteurized A Muciniphila Synbiotic

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Akkermansia + Human Milk Oligosacchardies (HMO) is the first bioidentical (native to human GI tract) synbiotic supporting optimal performance of the digestive system.

Akkermansia is naturally found in your gastrointestinal tract and helps regulate and protect the mucus (inner) lining of the gut. Akkermansia muciniphila, can be associated with healthy weight management. The strain of Akkermansia in this product is AH39.

Despite these beneficial effects, live probiotics can be a matter of concern particularly in vulnerable patients and pediatric populations.

Using pasteurized, or heat-killed, non-viable microorganisms will avert these risks. Even though these are heat-killed, clinical studies show this method of inactivation does not abolish the effect of A. muciniphila but may even exacerbate its beneficial impact.

Therefore, these killed or pasteurized bacteria may have more advantages over live probiotics, mainly because of the safety profile.

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), a type of carbohydrate, are composed of simple sugar units (monosaccharides).

HMOs are very resistant to digestion. Over 95% remain intact as they pass through the gastrointestinal tract, eventually reaching the intestine where they modulate gut microbiota.

Overall benefits of HMOs:

  • Proliferate beneficial microorganisms and inhibit the growth of pathogens
  • Strengthens the intestinal barrier
  • Enhances overall immune functionality

NOTE: This product has been purified to remove all lactose, but may be contraindicated for those with a dairy sensitivity.

1 cap a day.

Vegetable cellulose (capsule).

NOTE: This product has been purified to remove all lactose, but may be contraindicated for those with a diary sensitivity.

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